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Studded Walls

Studded Walls

A stud is a vertical framing member which forms part of a wall or partition. Also known as wall studs, they are a fundamental component of frame construction and are typically made of timber. However, steel studs are increasingly popular, particularly for non load-bearing walls and firewalls.

Studs may carry vertical structural loads, or as part of a partition wall, may be non load-bearing. They are typically sandwiched between top and bottom plates and equally spaced. The spacings will be governed by the size and spanning ability of the facing or cladding material.

Load-bearing walls typically use a double top plate. A single top plate may sometimes be used if the rafters, trusses or joists bearing down on it are directly over the studs.

Traditionally, studs were fastened to the plates by hammer and nail, and then by nail gun. Modern techniques such as screw fasteners, clips and ties can be used to enhance resistance to wind and seismic activity.

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